In this blog, researchers will share their viewpoints on different topics through the lens of health equity – what’s the importance, relevance and implications to improve the health of the population and mitigate disparities among the health of different groups. We hope the sharing will spark interest of the public and stimulate discussions. We look forward to your participation and feedback!

Improving health is more than improving healthcare

By Eric Lai

While it is not surprising the disadvantaged among us are more prone to chronic illness, the good news is that the situation can be remedied through across-the-board efforts of government, civil society and city’s businesses.   By Eric Lai   The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the plight of the underprivileged in society. Imagine the life of a typical grass-root person in Hong Kong – for example, a contract cleaner working nine to 12 hours a day, six days a week, and earning just above the statutory minimum wage of HK$37.50 (US$8) per hour.   They can hardly afford any time for exercise or the money for a gym membership. The weather can be unforgiving – summer days are scorching, but those working outdoors may not have adequate access to basic amenities such as running water and shelter to rest and cool down. This is not to mention occupational hazards like […]