In terms of life expectancy, other Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore and the Republic of Korea are not far behind from Hong Kong. It is important to examine the reasons on how Hong Kong and other Asian countries achieve this remarkable health success, and what we can learn that could be generalized to other countries in Asia and beyond.


An important dimension of research is what has happened to health inequalities, both between Asian countries and within countries. While Hong Kong has undergone spectacularly rapid development, there remain stark inequalities in living conditions. It is interesting to examine whether such health inequalities are translated into the same we see elsewhere.


CUHK IHE intends to build up an Asian network with the following aims:

  • Prioritize health equity in the region.
  • To inform and learn from other countries.
  • To foster knowledge exchange and capacity development across the region.
  • To support development of policies and actions to support health equity in the region and in Hong Kong.


The network will involve countries across the region, and those interested in other regions and relate to multiple stakeholders, organizations with influence and responsibility for action in the various sectors.


Sectors to be involved in the network:

  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Health and public health professionals
  • Policy makers
  • Local and national government
  • Civil society organizations and
  • Individuals with an interest and focus on understanding and taking action on the drivers of health inequities across Asia.


Interested parties can email to for details.