Education Seminar

Title: Promoting Resilience and Mental Health of Students through an Equity Lens
Date: 19 November 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00am – 12:00noon
Venue: Lecture Theatre 5, 2/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (with live streaming on ZOOM)
Audience: Education sector, community practitioners for youths, and policymakers


The mental health burden of children and adolescents is rapidly growing and increasingly disproportionate across the social ladder over the past years in Hong Kong. Research shows that resilience building is critical for the mental health and emotional well-being of students, especially the more socially vulnerable ones. To this end, this education seminar aims to engage different stakeholders via sharing of research and experience on the various approaches for resilience building and mental health promotions at school setting and in the wider community, with a specific focus on mitigating the inequalities in mental health of students across the social ladder.


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MC– Dr. Anson Chau
Postdoctoral Fellow, CUHK Institute of Health Equity


Health inequity in adolescent mental health in Hong Kong

Dr. Gary Ka-Ki CHUNG
Postdoctoral Fellow, CUHK Institute of Health Equity


Building resilience in classroom: Experiences in implementing school-based mindfulness and positive education programmes in Hong Kong

Dr. Ngar-sze LAU
Senior Lecturer, The Department of Educational Administration and Policy, CUHK


Promoting mental health and resilience via sports among students of diversified background in the community: the gaps and the way forward

Ms. Zoe MAU
Assistant Fundraising Manager, InspiringHK Sports Foundation


Mental health promotion among children and adolescents across social background in Hong Kong

Prof. Albert LEE
Founding Director, Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, CUHK


Panel discussion followed by Q&A

All speakers, moderated by Dr. Gary Ka-Ki CHUNG


Dr. Gary Ka-Ki CHUNG


Dr. Gary Chung is an epidemiologist that investigates public health issues through an equity lens. His research focuses primarily on how socioeconomic disadvantages (e.g., low education, poverty and deprivation) affect population health and health inequalities from a life-course perspective. In addition to health-related quality of life, he is particularly interested in the socioeconomic patterning of obesity and cardiometabolic diseases, and more recently, of the extent of transmission and clinical severity of COVID-19. Awarded with the Research Grants Council Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme 2021/22, Dr. Chung is currently serving as the Postdoctoral Fellow at the CUHK Institute of Health Equity.


Dr. Ngar-Sze LAU


Dr. Lau is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Educational Administration and Policy of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Lau has started teaching and research projects on mindfulness, mind-body-spirit health and positive education for undergraduates, pre-service teachers, and in-service teachers since 2007. Over the years, she helped organizing several academic conferences and professional training for teachers.

Prof. Albert LEE


Prof. Albert Lee is the Emeritus Professor at the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care and the Founding Director of Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion. As a practising clinician, educational innovator and research leader in Family Medicine, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Asia, Prof. Lee has a particular focus on promotion of child and adolescent health through school settings linking to community and primary health care. He is also the first elected member from Hong Kong of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) USA, and serves as the Vice President of UNESCO-HK as well as the WHO Advisor/Consultant since 2003.

Ms. Zoe MAU


Ms. Mau grew up in Hong Kong and received a Bachelors of Social Sciences (major in Anthropology and Social Theory) from the University of Melbourne. She is a committed sports lover with a passion for people and their cultures. She is responsible for managing stewardship of donors, members and fundraisers at InspringHK Sports Foundation. Ms. Mau grew up doing ballet since the age of 4 and picked up volleyball in her secondary school. Now she avidly practices yoga, trailrunning and cycling whenever she finds time.