Message from Co-Directors


People in Hong Kong have longest life expectancy in the world while they live, work and age in a city with huge wealth inequalities. The phenomenon unfolds significant yet challenging areas for health inequities researches to discover the social determinants and related mechanisms leading to such inequity. Evidence-based findings of the connection between health inequities and the social determinants could enlighten policy makers and community organizations to formulate policies and implement intervention programmes to ameliorate health inequalities in the population effectively.


Spanning through a wide spectrum of disciplines and analyzing data with rigor, the Institute will review and outline the health equity landscape in Hong Kong, followed by development of effective measurement and monitoring frameworks to monitor inequities in health and social determinants. Collaborating with the University College London Institute of Health Equity led by Prof Sir Michael Marmot, the Institute will endeavor to promote and improve health equity through building up networks and joining hands with different stakeholders including academics, researchers, health and public health professionals, policy makers, local and national government, civil society organizations and interested parties in Hong Kong and across Asia.